Becoming Hairy(er)

This morning I had a little laugh when I looked at mySelf in the mirror. I was preparing for my morning rituals of mouth cleansing, sesame oil body rub, full body dry brush and cold shower

There in that moment when I glanced in the mirror the laugh came when I got a closer look at my eyebrows. I decided a couple weeks ago that I am ready to let them grow in (no more plucking) 

When I saw how wonderfully thick they are growing back in I thought about All of my friends and my Beloved who are on similar spiritual pathways as I

We may all have our unique reasons and relationships to more and longer hair, and yet here we all are! Primal Ascension. The men’s hair is headed down their backs; the ladies let their bikini areas fill in and their armpit hair grow out. It’s such a relief to me. To allow the body to just Be. 

Just a couple years back I’d get my armpits and bikini area completely waxed. OUCH! When I found Kundalini yoga in 2016 I let all that go. (Except for plucking my brows) I instantly Remembered the beauty and the luxury that it is to have all of this hair. (I am pretty hairy ❤️)

Beyond the ease, it’s primal, naturally occurring and supportive to our physical body temple as a whole. Each hair is an antenna. Talk about amping up sensuality. Sensuality referring to connection with the senses, bringing us more into our physical embodiment. Plus, I personally feel like there is something so Aphrodite about Being hairier. 

Last year eye went into a journey with Mushroom Medicina and one of the big “takeaways” was to allow mySelf to “drown” in my own pheromones. That journey, I experienced visual remembrances of Being Royalty inside the Temples of Egypt, where we were all very much in our primal states of Being hairy and of allowing our essences to swirl about freely without judgement. Or deodorant. 

I feel hair and body odor go hand in hand. The hair holds the scent within our field as an evolutionary way to attract or deflect. 


Cheers to becoming hairier. And smellier


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