Divine Masculine Ressurected

It is okay to Be beauty full. To move slowly and embody delicacy. To unclench every muscle holding trauma. To release the grip. To Allow. Darling it is okay to rest.

You have fought in this war for long enough. Being “on guard” is muscle memorized and You can Trust Now, that shall You need defending, that aspect is here with You. The Divine Masculine. Within. Mmm yes!

Your own SacRed Rose King has taken his throne. The shadows of contortion; the strength used for manipulation and control have burned down. We welcome You in honor, Beloved Rose King. We appreciate All of You here and Now. In deep Gratitude, we Bless You with one thousand Red Rose Petals at your feet. Thank You 🌹

“In your Love, in your Love. I can finally Be me”

Snatam Kaur’s “Take Me In” 🎶

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