Something is brewing: Pisces New Moon 🌚

“Coincidentally” my Ashtanga posture sheet fell out of the window yesterday and is no where to Be found. 😂 My partner said “ahhhh I didn’t grab it yesterday- it fell through the open window…”

It is a huge blessing cause I’ve been lacking on my “physical” practice even though I do Kundalini and meditation each morning. I have resistance to doing the same Ashtange flow every day; creativity feels limited but the structure supports my dis-trust in my own ability to guide mySelf through an intuitive soul flow experience. I was afraid it somehow wouldn’t be Be effective if it wasn’t coming directly through an ancient yogic lineage from India.

WOAH! Clearing that! “I Trust”

I have been asking for clarity and guidance around this false belief I hold somewhere inside of me. Asking that I gain courage to grant mySelf permission to practice what feels 100% honest and healing for me.

So today I just asked to be guided. Once I finally surrendered to my mat (metaphorically, I didn’t even unroll my mat) I found my body guiding itself into the most satisfying movements. My inner voice coaxed my mental chatter and offered gentleness- compassion; granting permission to find any posture that served my body moment-to-moment. Focusing on breathing and feeling and moving slowly. This juicy exchange between my body, mind and spirit was totally rejuvenating and lasted about 25 minutes. Today I surrender any egoic attachments to feeling as though my yoga sessions must last any certain amount of time or look any certain way.

The flow guided me into some beautiful self massage around my groin and inner thighs. Hips and waist, ribs and breasts. Ecstatically clearing and charging at the same time. I have realized lately how rarely I touch mySelf in these sacRed places with intention and Love. Anytime any obsessive mental noise would chime in my inner mantra volume turned up: “Thank You, I Love You” 💕

“Sensual Yoga” this is what I have to share. My intention is to empower all of those beings ready to connect with their divine sensual nature via yoga.

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