Wild Uber Ride ✨

The inspiration for sharing this story comes from reflecting these past weeks on how dynamic my life has been recently. Always really. In all ways. Like each and every one of Us Divine humyn Angels

~I head back to my tent after Our phone call. The Sun was set, forest dark, silence piercing. The hike was filled with all different elemental and nature Beings. Out for an evening of play. I could feel some and see others. Their energy was playful, some were “in between” Beings. To me this means they were apparently occupying other realms more than the physical and I therefore perceived them as whispy and less dense than myself and other humyns. They were ghostly. Seeing and feeling these creatures was not new to me, but acknowledging that I was seeing rather than ignoring it, was. I breathed into Gaia under my feet and allowed my shoulders to relax down. “It’s All God”

The night was sweet. Until around 2am when I heard a bike pacing back and forth along the trail I was sleeping near. Hmmmm. 2am, biker, dark mountain forest trail…? What?

I got freaked out. I sat up and put my glasses. The noise and presence was getting closer and closer and then! “Ahh sorry!” They shined their flash light right through my tent and nearly stumbled over it at the same time. “I didn’t see You there, I Am just camping for the night”

We said our good nights and I felt a bit creeped. But never the less, challenged mySelf to drop into Trust and get some rest. The next morning I woke up and got to meet my neighbor. He was sweet, Nicholas. He gave me a portable electric box from which I could charge my phone. (Thank You Universe) we heard each other’s stories and then he went back down the mountain to look for an apartment. I went up the mountain for a hike.

Being in pure nature like this was incredibly rejuvenating. I also experienced dense and intense emotions and feeling sensations come up and clear quickly. I was living on apricots cashews and vegan jerky while I was there those days and I started to feel weary. I still had plenty of water. But didn’t really feel like drinking it. I wanted to take my clothes off and lay down on the earth. The Sun was out bright. California in September #hot. I unbuttoned my shirt and hiked my pants up. I figured I’d avoid any awkward humyn interaction in case others were hiking along the trail. At some point I thought “I want to go back” then I thought “there’s only a tent to hang out in down there. Keep going and hike down with/behind someone whenever it feels right.”

So I hiked all the way to the top. I felt certain I was going to meet a friend. I recognized that as a magickal possibility and desire. The peak is named “Eagle Rock”

There on the cliff of it over looking a 365 degree panorama of the Topanga Mountains sat a beautiful humyn. He was dark skinned with shoulder length silky hair. And extremely buff. I sat down just above him, quietly. As if I didn’t even notice Him. But I definitely did. And he felt me, so he looked up and said “hi” I said “ hIEI” (my voice cracked!) I realized at that moment what it felt like not to talk for that many hours. We laughed and he climbed up toward me. I asked him if he was a Sagittarius. “How did You know?” “I feel these things”

We introduced ourselves and decided to hike down together. It was extremely romantic and enchanted. Nothing less than magickal. He was from some government secret service job. He felt unhappy and disconnected from his joy in life and was reluctant to be on vacation for 3 months. Visiting the States from Germany, originally the Philippines. He gave me a fake name, but his Love poured out real and deep. He shared that he was married but felt strangely attracted to me. We kissed. And pranced down the mountain like Love touched babies, we even discovered a chunk of clear crystal quartz in the earth along our journey down. He had lunch plans and so was off, but wondered about my safety and wanted to come back and visit if I allowed. Haha, men. I was camping here before we met I don’t need you to keep me safe now… it was sweet and not pushy at all like past over protective men I’d met. But still made me chuckle. I had freed mySelf from so many social norms and assumed role behaviors that the idea of this assumed position felt, funny.

He left. And said he’d give me a ride down the mountain the next day or whenever I wanted. He also said he was going to bring me back some french fries after his lunch date. Haha! Whatever! Byyyye❤️❤️❤️

Around 11pm I was awakened by the silky haired lover. With french fries and pizza. “Keep the pizza I don’t eat cheese”. He asked to sleep with me. I said no. And we hugged good night. He left and back into dream land I went.

To be awakened around 2am again. This time a scruffling in the woods startled me. The shaking and shifting in trees and bushes around me went on for at least an hour. I asked the presence several times who it was. Or what it was doing. “Hello!?” Never any answer.

Until about an hour later when I was scared shitless and screamed at the top of my lungs “Nicholas???!!!!!” Finally the far off voice said “I Am just camping!”

That was really weird. And HILARIOUS 😆

The next morning I felt exhausted. I wanted off the mountain. As I was doing sodarshan kriya; steeeeeped in soma, when I heard a truck approach the campsite. Two men got out and walked over to the pay box, I assumed they were park rangers. After a a few moments I felt they were departing and I wanted to talk to them. I stood up quick out of meditation (don’t recommend) and popped my dizzy head out of the tent. “Hi…can I have my third day camp money back per chance? I’m leaving today” “sure!”

That was easy enough. I finished the meditation, packed up and dipped out. Down the mountain I hiked and actually almost died doing so. It was the second most steep slope I’ve ever been on. First one I had ever hiked down with a pack the size of my own body. When I got to the bottom I had no cell service and took about an hour and a half to get a ride into the city. When I arrived in Hollywood I checked into a hostel that had fun reviews and colorfully painted walls. I met a raspy little womyn there. We smoked a joint together and she felt like the dark night of my happy go lucky spirit. She felt like a sistar.

I felt a new sense of gratitude for Being amongst humyns again. Yay.

I also began to crave comfort. In this way of longing for a person outside of mySelf. I was waiting to hear back from a new friend about staying at his house for the next three days. I went to bed without hearing from any of my people and felt as if I was experiencing a clearing of attachments. The next morning I woke up feeling empowered and strong. And then I heard from everyone! My friend from the mountain even came to pick me up and we went to the beach. My other friend told me I could come over later that evening.

This day was pure bliss. So many blessings rained unto me as I mastered a level of the life game called non attachement, faith, and trust. Connecting with nature gave me a deeper sense of peace and stamina. I saw the way we build houses inside of nature so as to have an area which we can control to feel safe in and I got to taste what removing that net of perceived safety feels like.

My friend showed me the song “Heavenly Day” by Patty Griffin on our drive to a Malibu beach.

We spent the day gazing at one another and playing in the Sun and sand. The salty ocean waves gritted our skin and tangled our hair. After a day of Love we never heard from or saw One another again ❤️

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