The most wild Uber ride

I went on a journey west in 2017. From Chicago to California; just me and my backpack.

I had about 20 days of time to Be Present with no plans and pure faith in Great Spirit. All along it was my intention, with leaving Chicago, to get back to the essentials of living. And to learn how living on very little (intentionally) could Be oh so fulfilling. I dreamed of lying in fields of grass and on forest floors. I dreamed of recalibrating my mind body and spirit so that I could experience Being totally nourished by mother Gaia.

So there I was in Brentwood California with a huge backpack, voluntarily “homeless” feeling super out of place. Each day was a brand new adventure, I Allowed next steps to reveal themselves within Divine timing. I challenged mySelf to become comfortable in the mystery of the unknown.

This particular evening I felt such a strong pull to go into some raw nature. So I did. I planned to camp in the Topanga Mountains for three nights. I called an Uber from the Whole Foods I was at and up the mountain we went.

I’d say my energy was slightly nervous as the sun was setting and I had never been in this mountain or to this campsite. Thank You google. After ten minutes of off road trekking in his little Honda Accord he asked “where are You going?” “To camp in the mountains” “BY YOURSELF!?” “Yes.”

The car warmed up energetically as He got to know me and what I Am all about, he gave me contact info in case I needed to call him for a ride down. And we arrived at our destination. Well at least we thought we did. I got out of the car, hiked my big pack onto my back and thanked him. In that moment I felt a little nervous and slightly attached to the ideas of fear he shared. His niceness invited an inner child like part of me out and I felt vulnerable. I walked up to a desolate looking house there in the center of some mangled gun range area. An old man came to the door and asked how I got there and if the gate was still open. “We are closed for the winter”

I waved down my Uber driver as he headed back down the mountain, “WAIT!!!!” He stopped! Yay! We laughed and I asked him to drive me to a different location, for that was not the place I thought it was. Now, it’s interesting to note here that I was simultaneously experiencing the most neutral state of Presence I’d ever known. I had this knew found knowing that my life didn’t depend on anything. That I Am inherently safe, fulfilled and empowered as the creatrix of my reality. Talk about a learning curve. LOL

We drove down around and up and came as close as we could, by car, to the campsite I was fixin’ on: someone’s back yard that had a big sign attached to a rope blocking their driveway “NO TRESPASSING”

Well, I guess I technically honored that as I trekked up hill along the edge of that property until I came to Musch Trail. Yay! I made it! Campsite was just a short hike away and I felt home free 🙂

My Uber driver was concerned, but supportive. And oh so kind.

I got to the site and set up camp QUICK. The sunset was stunning from up there underneath the eucalyptus trees. A smile took over my face and heart and I took a deeeeeep breath to clear and settle into my new hOMe for the next few days.

Then I Remembered: I have my weekly womyns group call in less than an hour! My phones almost dead! I don’t have a charger! At that same moment I thought “oh well”. HAHA. But I also loved the idea of connecting with sistars as comfort on the journey. I boldly hiked down a trail that I “felt” lucky about. I saw a few houses down there…I dared myself to knock on the door of one and ask to charge my phone.

There was a womyn watering her garden out side of one of the houses. “Hi! I Am camping just up the way, mind if I charge my phone in your house?” “Sure!”

I went in, sat down, had some snacks and water and enjoyed a warm house of lovely strangers while I tuned into my weekly call.

The rest of this story is equally or more enchanted. I’ll share soon 🙂

Thank You for reading, bye for Now ❤️

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